Melbourne: 7 amazing free tours on Great Ocean Road

One of Melbourne's biggest attractions is the Great Ocean Road, a route of 300 km of coastline and beaches. Here we tell you 7 free and unmissable activities.

If you are currently living in Melbourne and want to take enjoy the weekend with friends, the best option is Great Ocean Road, a route of almost 300 km that borders the entire coast and the huge number of deserted beaches.


The first obligatory stop is Torquay, surfing destination par excellence. But if you are not a regular in this sport, do not worry, you can enjoy of the estrategic lookouts and beaches with a beautiful view of the ocean along Surf Coast Walk.

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Anglesea: playing golf with kangaroos

In addition to quiet lakes, the main activity of this small town lies in the Anglesea Golf Club, where you can practice this sport and it’s also the home of dozens of kangaroos that live free among the 18 holes.

Otway National Park

Immerse yourself in the serenity of the forest with its towering redwoods in California Redwoods. Being such an extensive road, it is mandatory to travel by car as you head to Triplet Falls deep in nature. There, after about 30 minutes of walking in dense ferns, you will reach the tourist attraction that gives rise to the name: an immense waterfall with three levels. If you are lucky, you can even see on the shore a platypus, sacred animal for the native people of the area.

Apollo Bay

Another of the great beach destinations you will find in Apollo Bay. There you will enjoy a quiet day with your friends on the small and little-visited beaches where the wind never stops. In turn, the main attraction of this bay is the lighthouse, being the oldest in Australia and one of the best preserved, where you can climb to the top and have a panoramic view of the entire city and the sea.

12 Apostles: the best excursion on the Great Ocean Road

Erosion of the limestone cliffs of the continental coast began 10 to 20 million years ago. The caves eventually became arches, and when they collapsed, rocks up to 45 m. high were isolated from the shore, resulting in the iconic 12 Apostles.

You can observe them from the free lookout points or rent a helicopter to get even closer to these stone giants.

There you will have several places to get fabulous photos, such as Loch And Gorge at the foot of the beach, London Bridge, The Arch, The Grotto and the 70 m. of cliff that you can walk on Gibson Steps.

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Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve

Home of wild animals, this immense park features a natural lake, small mountains for trekking and the most diverse fauna: from kangaroos and hares to emus and koalas to photograph up close.

Aireys Inlet

The Split Point lighthouse, which can be seen from any point in the city, was built in 1891. Elevated on cliffs at 70 meters above sea level, it is the subject of local ghost stories and maritime legends.

On the beachfront you can spend a quiet day with your friends in the sunshine and then get in the car and head back to the center of Melbourne.

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You can play golf with kangaroos in Anglesea, Melbourne.

You can play golf with kangaroos in Anglesea, Melbourne.

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